Computer Science and Engineering Ambassadors (CSEA)

Computer Science and Engineering Ambassadors (CSEA) is dedicated to serving the Lincoln community and to the development of professional skills of computer science and engineering students. CSEA offers its members programming/software development training through hands-on projects, mentoring opportunities, and other community service outreach programs.

CSEA programs and activities include the development of software tools for local non-profits, mentoring after-school robotics clubs at Title I middle schools in Lincoln Public Schools, programming/technology camps for scouting programs, organizing  HackUNL– a local hackathon, and host activities at various maker fairs. We are always eager to begin new programs, so you bring your ideas and we will help gather the resources needed.

Computer Science and Engineering Student Advisory Board

The CSE Student Advisory serves as the voice of the CSE student body. They work with UNL students and faculty to provide continuous improvement to the department. Some events/activities the student advisory board works on throughout the year is the CSE mentor program, mock interviews, and advisory panel. They are currently working on hosting a hackathon during the school year.

Meets BiWeekly in Avery 111 at 5:00 pm every Wednesday starting August 29thth

Computing for All

Computing for All dedicated to fostering a community of support and friendship among all minorities in computer science and engineering. We are working to connect with ACM and other groups on campus in order to start changing the way our field thinks about minorities.

UAV Team

The UAV team is building a custom quadcopter and programming it to compete in Mission 7 of the International Aerial Robotics Competition. (A quick disclaimer, this is being written by a former member of the image processing team and the current lead of the testing/simulation team, so the description for those are more detailed and probably more accurate than the hardware team’s).

The challenge involves the team’s drone, 10 ground robots, and 4 obstacle robots on a 20m x 20m arena. The ground and obstacle robots are programmed to move forward for a couple of seconds, pause, rotate, and repeat. The end goal is to interact with and herd 7/10 of the ground robots off of one side of the arena by tapping a sensor on the top of the robots to turn them. At the same time, the drone must avoid the obstacle robots, which have varying lengths of PVC protruding from the top. The challenge must be completed in 10 minutes, and all must be done autonomously.

The UAV team is currently divided into the hardware team, the image processing team, and the testing/simulation team. The hardware team is responsible for the physical drone, the sensors used, as well as the circuitry. The image processing team is using the OpenCV library to detect robots, maintain localization, and develop an algorithm to herd the robots. The testing and simulation team is working on developing a suite of tools to visualize and provide an environment to test the algorithm developed by the image processing team.

If you’re interested or want more information, email UAV is one of many other Aerospace teams, so please mention that you are interested in UAV.

Game Developer Club

Open to all students, this new club exposes them to the latest in video gaming, including development competitions. Their mission: To guide students in learning effective professional game design techniques. They accomplish this by working through game development projects in their meetings, such as demos or active projects. They also provide students the opportunity to showcase their skills at game development competitions (“game jams”).

We usually meet in Avery Hall 19 on Sunday nights from 7pm-9pm.

Operating Systems and Open Source Group (OS2G)

The purpose of the Operating Systems and Open Source Group, is to:

  • Provide a venue for discussions and presentations on the following topics:
  • Provide a support network for the use and development of OSS and FOSS
  • Educate the public about Open Source and Free Software

For more information go to


The student-led Nebraska chapter of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is devoted to bringing about a sense of fellowship among electrical and computer engineers. They work to organize extracurricular activities, hosting company representatives for future job information and networking, and presenting awards and honors at an end-of-year banquet.

Society of Women Engineers

The Society of Women Engineers aims to stimulate women to achieve full potential in careers as engineers and leaders, to expand the image of the engineering profession as a positive force in improving the quality of life, and to demonstrate the value of diversity.


Our chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery sponsors presentations by industry representatives, conducts programming contests, organizes social events, and elects representatives to active roles in the department.