Rohan Thakker

The President is in charge of leading CSE-SAB meetings, and making sure all events happen efficiently. Known as the “CSE-SAB Wizard Overlord,” the president keeps the cogs of CSE-SAB turning every day. You can contact the president by email:

Vice President: Alexis Lindhart

The Vice President picks up the President’s slack. They help book rooms, keep CSE-SAB in contact with other RSOs, and keep the (smaller) wheels of CSE-SAB turning so the bigger ones can too. The VP can be contacted by email:

Treasurer: Maggie Harder

The treasurer handles all budgeting, finances, and monetary transactions within and involving CSE-SAB. They are the master of money. The Treasurer can be contacted at

Secretary: Ethan Bütt

The Secretary keeps CSE-SAB organized: they keep track of attendance, send out updates, and take notes at all the CSE-SAB meetings. We would be lost in paperwork and utter anarchy without them. The Secretary can be reached at

Event Committee Head: Anthony Bailous

The head of the Events Committee is the leader of the CSE-SAB Events Committee. They book rooms, plan events, and lead event execution. There would be no events without them.

Student Relations Head: Tommy Braccia

The head of the Student Relations Committee is the leader of the CSE-SAB Student Relations Committee. They manage the CSE-SAB website, coordinate advertisement for CSE-SAB events, and help CSE-SAB communicate with the rest of the world. CSE-SAB would be totally isolated without them.