Alexis Linhardt


The President is in charge of leading CSE-SAB meetings, and making sure all events happen efficiently.

Tommy Braccia

Vice President

The Vice President picks up the President’s slack. They help book rooms, keep CSE-SAB in contact with other RSOs, and keep the (smaller) wheels of C-SAB turning so the bigger ones can too.

Anna Kruse


The treasurer handles all budgeting, finances, and monetary transactions within and involving CSE-SAB. They are the master of money.

Isaac Baysinger


The Secretary keeps CSE-SAB organized: they keep track of attendance, send out updates, and take notes at all the CSE-SAB meetings. We would be lost in paperwork and utter anarchy without them.

Danny Tran

Event Planning Head

The head of the Events Committee is the leader of the CSE-SAB Events Committee. They book rooms, plan events, and lead event execution. There would be no events without them.

Ryan Orth

Student Relations Head

The head of the Student Relations Committee is the leader of the CSE-SAB Student Relations Committee. They manage the CSE-SAB website, coordinate advertisement for CSE-SAB events, and help CSE-SAB communicate with the rest of the world. CSE-SAB would be totally isolated without them.